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What can you do when you have noisy neighbours?

Noise nuisance issues are not an uncommon part of owning a property but it is always advisable to try and resolve the problem face to face with your neighbour.  Try to talk to their landlord before taking any other action.

Make them aware of the issue and try to reach an agreement.

However, if that avenue fails, you may have little option but to tackle to issue by contacting your local council’s Environmental Health.  They will be able to investigate your concerns and use equipment to measure the noise being emitted.  This information will then form the basis of the evidence which the local authority can use to issue a notice to prevent the nuisance.

Your neighbours will need to comply with the terms of a council notice, or otherwise they may face being prosecuted  In theory the council could even confiscate the equipment making the noise

Many people do not realise the enormous toil that noise nuisance can cause with many people suffering for stress.  Remember that you should seek legal advice if you need to go to court.  But hopefully the problem can be resolved before it reaches that stage.

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