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When working with plot sales, the legalities will likely become more complex with each new development. Accommodating multiple housing types, for example, social housing, public amenities, or commercial developments, would require the support of a specialist. At Leon Kaye, we have a team of dedicated plot sales lawyers who can help you handle consortium agreements, acquisition of large residential sites, planning conditions and the setting up of residential sites.


What is the Plot Sales Conveyancing Process?

When it comes to working with plot sales, it is essential to have a specialist that manages the land purchase and plot sales to address and eliminate issues such as access, rights of way and building covenants before they manifest. Our specialist team has vast experience in handling high volume plot sales, and our goal is to advise clients efficiently and cost-effectively whilst delivering practical solutions.

The plot sales conveyancing process with Leon Kaye is very straightforward; we work with deadlines as we know how important it is to avoid delays in the crucial instance of issuing contract papers to the purchaser’s solicitor. The deadlines we work with enable the purchaser to take the time to view the contracts from the beginning. This leaves us time to manage the process of enquiries and do any relevant chasing according to our client’s timescales.


Why choose Leon Kaye Solicitors for your Plot Sales Conveyancing? 

We are transparent when it comes to reporting; we update the client on all sales, agents and other third parties. We also acknowledge that along with clarity comes conciseness, and we are able to inform our clients with all the relevant information in an easily comprehensible way.

At Leon Kaye Solicitors, your goals are our goals, and we view ourselves as a representative of you, so we do all we can to deliver the results you need. We use the latest case management software and tailor our services to meet your requirements. 

Our experienced Plot Sales Solicitors provide you with specialist advice to ensure each plot sale goes through as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Our specialist Plot Sales Team will assess each development and consider any issues, offering you practical solutions as early as possible. 

We will assist you with:

  • Drafting your Contract, Lease or Transfer.
  • Any Estate Management Requirements and Land Registry Restriction as required.
  • Ensuring that your lease plans or transfer plans are Land Registry compliant and requesting the Land Registry Estate Plan approval in good time.
  • Producing guidance notes for Purchase Solicitors.

Our real estate specialists are familiar with a range of different sites but also specialise in many forms of conveyancing, which include but are not limited to:

  • Residential Development
  • Commercial
  • Real Estate Development
  • Strategic Land
  • Real Estate Finance and Dispute
  • Care and Retirement Living


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