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The prospect of buying a new build home is exhilarating to most people who are fortunate enough to find themselves in that position. It is an opportunity to get started in a new property where you can enjoy the benefits and pride of being a new build homeowner.

Although this all seems very exciting, the legal process of buying a new build home can be quite complicated; however, our dedicated team of new build solicitors are here to ensure you steer clear from any pitfalls or hardships.


Why is Conveyancing more complicated for New Build Properties?

New build conveyancing is more complicated than other types because there is a higher risk of issues with the build, such as:

  • Non-compliance with planning regulations.
  • Failure to arrange NHBC inspections.
  • Developers failing to complete agreements for roads and sewers.
  • Homes are not being built in accordance with the original plans.

The experienced and hard-working team of conveyancing solicitors at Leon Kaye understands how to handle the nuances of purchasing a new development.

Not only will our solicitors guide you in identifying any of these issues, but they will also ensure that the policies outlined in your contract are constructed in your favour. They will also make sure that your deposit is protected with a long-stop completion date. The long-stop date is the provided date that the developer agrees to have the new development ready by and gives the keys to the buyer. This date is typically 12 months from the legal completion date. If they fail to reach this deadline, the buyer has the right to cancel the contract and have their deposit returned.


Why choose Leon Kaye for New Development Conveyancing?

  • Transparency and Efficacy: Our goal is to advise clients efficiently and cost-effectively whilst delivering practical solutions. We strive to offer first-class client-advisor relationships leading to greater trust and cooperation. It is this high level of service and client care which we believe differentiates us from others.
  • Quality Standards: We have a 4.3/5 (VERY GOOD) rating with ReviewSolicitors. Our skill in conveyancing covers residential houses and flats, country estates and farms, and development projects.
  • Empathy: We treat each client as an individual and every transaction as a priority.
  • Years of Experience: We have been established for over 35 years, and all our legal advisers have expertise in their local property market and strong relationships with estate agents to make sure we give you excellent service.
  • Cost Effective: We provide a comprehensive, professional service at a cost-effective price. We discuss your requirements at the outset and keep you informed of progress.


Buying a house is one of the most significant transactions you will ever experience, so we are committed to ensuring everything goes to plan.

When it comes to new developments, the steps to making a purchase can be complex, but with specialist help, you will find yourself marvelling at your new build in no time.


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