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What is a Remortgage?

Remortgaging is the process of getting a new mortgage on a property you already own, whether that is to either replace your existing mortgage or to borrow money against your property. 

It is a way of providing homeowners with an opportunity to unlock value in their property through an equity release or to change their existing mortgage to obtain better rates.


How does a Remortgage work?

At Leon Kaye, our experienced remortgage solicitors will take all the necessary legal action to secure your remortgage with ease and ensure that the appropriate protection is put in place for the transaction to be completed. 

The overall process of a remortgage can be a quick one, but it can be challenging to understand, so our team will help you understand every stage of the process. 

We pride ourselves on the quality and efficiency of our property solicitors, and our friendly and responsive team will ensure that all your best interests are at the forefront of the interaction.


How can Leon Kaye Solicitors help when you Remortgage?

Our remortgage solicitors are here to guide you through the appropriate legal steps.

While working with you, our experts will assist you with the complexities surrounding a leasehold property. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • Checking that the length of the lease complies with the requirements of your new mortgage lender.
  • Asking your managing agent or landlord to confirm whether the service charges and ground rents are up to date.
  • Providing you with a copy of building insurance.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with our experienced remortgaging team, please get in touch. Call us on 020 7228 2020 (Chelsea Office), email us at or fill out our contact form here.


How long does Remortgaging take?

With Leon Kaye, we strive to ensure your remortgage transaction is as straightforward and simple as possible. However, the overall amount of time of remortgaging is dependent on the circumstances. 

It will typically take a few weeks if your mortgage lender is prompt in issuing the mortgage offer and if they do not have any time-consuming requirements that we will have to look through.

Our aim is to complete your remortgage transaction in a timely manner and ensure that the capital you are obtaining from the remortgage process is available as soon as possible.


What are the costs of Remortgaging a property?

Leon and Kaye want to ensure your experience with remortgaging a property is as transparent and straightforward as possible. We want to avoid any hidden fees and unexpected costs. Therefore, we will provide you with a fixed quote before starting our services. This way, you will know exactly what you’re getting from working with us.

The only time our fees will change will be if your instructions do. Our legal prices are always competitive. We are very direct on the costs that will need to be paid, who to and when the payment is required. Please visit our costs page to find out more about charges.

Click here to view our Remortgaging Costs. 


Get in touch with our Remortgaging Lawyers in Chelsea

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your requirements with our experienced residential conveyancing team. Call us on 020 7228 2020 (Chelsea Office), email us at or fill out our contact form here.