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Acquisition of Commercial Property with Leon Kaye Solicitors

The process of acquiring a commercial property is quite complex and time-consuming. You could find yourself trying to overcome any potential hurdles in this process, and ensuring that all proceedings and developments run smoothly can prove costly. However, it is possible to simplify this process. When working with Leon Kaye’s Acquisitions and Disposals Solicitors, you can streamline the associated costs with the support of our experienced and dedicated solicitors.

Leon Kaye’s commercial conveyancing specialists, will provide you with all the know-how and expertise to ensure your property purchase experience is as smooth as possible. We provide you with complete transparency of the complexities surrounding purchasing a commercial property from our initial interaction with you. Our Acquisitions and Disposals Solicitors pre-empt and prevent any challenges that may arise and ensure that no ownership issues stop you from taking any legal ownership of the property.

Our conveyancing services start with inspections and analysis. They are followed by formalising the transaction, registering the property in the Land Register and ensuring the Stamp Duty Land Tax is paid. If you require further information about the commercial property acquisition process and how we can help you with it, please email: or telephone: Chelsea Office: 0207 228 2020


Disposal of Commercial Property with Leon Kaye Solicitors

The process of disposing of the property effectively and efficiently can be just as complex and time-consuming as acquiring one. Suppose your main priority is to ensure the transaction is completed cost-effectively and speedily. In that case, you should get in touch with Leon Kaye Solicitors as soon as possible before the disposal process.

Similarly to the process of acquiring a commercial property, our team of experienced conveyancing solicitors will ensure the process is outlined as transparently as possible. The solicitor you will be working with will identify and assess all the aspects included in the sale contract. They will work with you, outlining the best layout of any documents required; the title documents are in order and will address the concerns and questions of the potential buyer. In being completely transparent with you, we will ensure you remain in the driving seat throughout the process and provide you with progress reports that are offered to you in 100% jargon-free English.

We will also provide you with the support and representation that you need to prepare you for any disputes or issues you could encounter after the sale of your property. For advice on commercial property, please email or telephone: Chelsea Office: 0207 228 2020

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