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What is a class action?

Class action claims are on the rise. One reason for this is that they provide to claimants. Civil litigation can be overwhelming and may deter people who have a substantial claim, but a class action can offer reassurance and minimise risks to the individual. An introduction of new Legislation changes under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 has made it easier to bring a claim against large corporations. In this new legislation, there is an opt-out system as opposed to the opt-in system, which was already existing. One negative aspect of this is that a class action can be brought on behalf of a defined set of claimants, including those who have chosen to opt out. This makes it easier to bring a group action claim. Our specialist class action solicitors can help you with this.

How does a Class Action Work?

A class action combines several claims into one, making the process easier and faster for the parties involved. A judge will be operating under one courtroom. The process of a class-action lawsuit means the group of affected claimants will appoint their lead plaintiff to file a lawsuit on behalf of the claimants. The lead plaintiff will work alongside the lawyer during litigation and communicate the case updates to the group. The lead plaintiff will allow the other party members to remain passive throughout the process. This works to the group attorney’s benefit as they only need to communicate with the class representative throughout the process.

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What are the Advantages of making a Class Action Claim?

A class action claim is brought by a number of individuals who share the same claim. The claimants have the advantage or strength in numbers to their benefit. The higher the collection of evidence acquired by the group, the stronger the claim and the more likely it will hold weight in the court.

At Leon Kaye Solicitors, our team of experienced class action lawyers acknowledge how daunting legal costs can be, and they can deter people from coming together and making a class action claim, but the solicitors go out of their way to be completely transparent about fees, from the onset of the proceedings. The charges may include:

  • Any court fees which are required
  • Documents produced by our civil litigation solicitors apply to each claimant, and that can cut costs drastically.
  • Other fees will be outlined from the onset.

Another advantage of taking a class action claim is that it can provide a claimant with confidence to make a claim against a large company. These claims are often highly publicised and brought against huge global corporations.


How do you start a Class Action Lawsuit?

In order to begin a class action lawsuit, your assigned solicitor will file a claim with the court. Your solicitor will request that the court certifies the claimants in your case as being their own class. After this point, the other affected claimants can join your claim.


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