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Executor – Legal Advice

Leon Kaye Solicitors are able to offer you the help and legal advice you will need if you are executor of a will and need to deal with the issues involved in the grant of and the administration of the estate. Paperwork must be prepared so that application can be made for a Grant of Probate

As Executor it is your responsibility to take charge of all the assets of the deceased on behalf of the estate and those who benefit from that estate. You have the legal authority and responsibility for the administration of the estate, being fully accountable to the beneficiaries for all your actions. You are also held personally and financially liable if the estate suffers any loss.

The role of an Executor can be an onerous task and without proper guidance can be very difficult. You will need to correctly identify and value all assets, identify and ensure the correct payments are made to all beneficiaries, ensure that all taxes are correctly paid and all the deceased’s debts discharged.

We can help with guidance on how to undertake these tasks.

Tax must be calculated and paid.

Leon Kaye Solicitors can take the time-consuming parts of the process out of your hands.  For further information contact:

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