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Is it time for deregulation of the workplace?

In a major report to be published this week, the Coalition will reveal the findings of the Beechcroft Report which was commissioned by David Cameron to look at workplace deregulation.  Although the Government has yet to agree the proposals, sources have made it clear that both the Prime Minister and the Chancellor want to see changes to the present employment environment which it is believed causes too much red tape for businesses.  Proposals in the report include reducing the length of consultations businesses have to enter into before making collective redundancies from 90 to 30 days, a relaxation of the transfer of undertaking rules, changes to the work permit regime to make it the responsibility of the Home Office and Border Agency to warn businesses if permits for overseas workers are about to expire of are invalid.  The Beechcroft Report also states that employment tribunal rules should be relaxed to make it easier to dismiss under performing staff.   Business leaders are set to welcome radical new plans to overhaul employment rights which the Government hopes will make it easier to hire new workers and spark a boost to employment and growth.

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