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Court Proceedings

If court proceedings are issued against you should not ignore them as this will not be a problem which will just go away.  You will need to respond to the court proceedings.

Responding to a court proceeding – When a claim is issued the court sends a response pack to the defendant. This contains the claim form as well as other forms which can be used to respond to the claim. One of these is the acknowledgement of service. If this form is returned to the court within 14 days, a defendant is given a further 14 days (therefore 28 days in total) to file a defence. If the acknowledgement of service form is not returned, the defendant must file their defence within 14 days from service of the claim form.

Seeking legal advice – If in any doubt about the validity of the claim, it is recommended that legal advice should be obtained immediately. There are various organisations who can offer free and confidential legal advice – in particular both the Citizens Advice Bureau and Community Legal Advice can either advise on a claim or provide a list of those who can.As a matter of law all parties to court proceedings have certain rights and it is vital to know what these are before embarking on the process. 

Admission Form – If the claim is correct the admission form can be filled in; this form can also be used to offer to pay the debt by monthly instalments. If a defendant admits a claim but does not pay the debt immediately, the claimant will be entitled to have judgment entered. If the full debt can be paid the claimant should be contacted immediately to ask how to make payment. If only part of the claim is admitted both the defence and the admission forms should be completed.

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