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Betfair Action Group



What the case is about?   We are investigating what might be considered to be an unfair charging structure which could be considered to be misleading to users of Betfair for on line gambling. Additionally there has been recent publicity in the Daily Telegraph (refer to the Article on 30th September 2011) in relation to payment card details of almost 2.3 Million Betfair customers obtained by unauthorised means from unauthorised third parties causing potential financial loss and at the very least distress to large numbers of Betfair customers. Additionally the Daily Telegraph Article refers to non disclosure of the known information with regard to this situation prior to the floatation of Betfair in October 2010 for £13 a share. As at Friday morning 30th September Investors have lost approximately 43% of their original investment if they have since held on to it. We are considering the possibility of a Claim for loss of shareholder value in conjunction with United States Lawyers.

Why is an action group necessary?   There is strength in numbers. Although it would not be cost effective for individuals to pursue claims, if this firm is representing large numbers of individuals, there are economies of scale. Pursuing a claim for compensation can become a viable option for those customers of Betfair who wish to instruct Leon Kaye Solicitors

Your next step? If you have lost funds or have been affected by this matter and would like to be informed of further developments, please register your interest by joining this action group and submitting your details to us using this Form. In the first instance, we will wish to clarify to precise level of losses and no charge will be made to those customers who register their interest. Please note that we cannot accept telephone calls or deal with correspondence at this stage.