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Investing in rental property

There are a few golden rules one needs to adhere to when deciding where you want to invest when it comes to rental property.
Research the types of property that are in demand.  For example a luxury property might look the part but if demand in an area is for family comes it will be more difficult to let.

Before purchasing a rental property its essential to do lots of research, visit local estate agents and ask them what type of property is in demand for rental in the area and where.  Create an investment plan.  It should include where and what you want to buy, organise your funding.  Once you have all this in place get in contact with the local agents and tell them you are in a posiiton to move quickly.

Consult with a financial advisor as it may be beneficial to purchase the property or properties as an invididual or as a partnership with a spouse or relative or in a limited company.

Ensure your cash flow is in place.  Decide how involved you want to be and unless you are willing to be full on consider using a management agent who will ensure your property letting is legally compliant and all tenants correctly vetted and managed.