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Making an offer on a property purchase

When it comes to buying a new property some of our clients often ask how many time we recommend that someone views a property before putting in an offer?  They often also want to know how many different properties they should see before making a decision.

Buying a property should be a thought-through process as this is likely to be one of the biggest purchases in most peoples lifetime. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of owning a new home and making a purely emotive decision.  It is always best to buy something you love and viewing it at least three times before making a decision, preferably viewing it at different times of the day so that it can be viewed in different lights. When viewing it is important to factor in concerns such as noise from neighbouring roads, transport facilities, parking  as well as room sizes.  It is a wise decision to see a few properties before making a decision in order to be absolutely sure.  It is also useful to spend time speaking to the owner and even the neighbours about area and the property as well as doing your own research on the area itself.